The Christmas Dress

A long time ago, when my eldest daughter was even tinier than she is today, my wife bought her a special Christmas It was red, and decorated with a series of Christmas-themed buttons — a gift wrapped package, a Christmas tree, and so forth — each different from the next. She loved that dress.

One day, a button came loose from the dress, and my daughter was devastated. It was the kind of innocent pain that only a small child can express, the kind where no life experience can be used for comparison. She wept and wailed, and my wife sought to console her.

“Don’t worry,” my wife said, “the button is okay.  Mommy can sew it back on.”

My daughter’s tears stopped, and she looked at her mother, perplexed. “No you can’t,” she said.  “That’s daddy’s job.”

Periodically, I tell this story, and we all laugh, because it violates our preconceived idea of manhood. But it shouldn’t be funny.

Women still face a lot of discrimination in this world, and we need to correct that. If we want to succeed, though, we’re going to need a world where not only can a woman be accepted as she is, but where a man can, too.



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