Happy Resurrection Day

This holiday weekend, my dear wife has been out of town visiting the child she calls “the Princess” on her blog.  She has been somewhat concerned that I won’t eat well while she’s gone. To assuage those concerns, I took a picture of today’s lunch — a true balanced meal:balanced lunch

I call it a balanced meal because it contains all four basic food groups of geek culture:

  • salt (on the almonds)
  • sugar (figs, chocolate)
  • grease (chocolate)
  • caffeine (coffee)

Many of you are probably shaking your heads in solidarity with my poor wife, thinking what a fool I am for calling this a meal.  Those with deep understanding of geek culture are asking why I needed anything more than the Hershey bar:  after all, prepared chocolate contains all four of the aforementioned ingredients to some degree. But before you decide to crucify me for gastronomical sacrilege, please look past my joke and consider the following:

  1. figs are loaded with fiber, and are actually a healthy snack;
  2. dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, and good for your heart;
  3. almonds are a provide key minerals, and lower my bad cholesterol;
  4. taken black, this coffee reduces my cancer risk, and adds few calories;
  5. these four items were only a garnish to my actual meal:

actual lunchClam chowder is one of the great foods of my youth that my wife and children don’t like–so when they’re out of town, I eat it.  And my primary beverage for that meal was (filtered) tap water.

Maybe my ability to eat well isn’t so dependent on my wife as some may incorrectly presume.

One thought on “Happy Resurrection Day

  1. Oh daddy 🙂 We figured you’d be eating something really gross, like sardines…but all my approval on the chocolate. Yum.

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